SiamOz Industries


SiamOz Industries is a globally diversified company head officed in Thailand with interests in the international Mineral and Mining Sector, Agricultural Sector and Technology and Innovation Sector. Our goal is to develop tomorrow’s Technology today with the aim of future proof the markets and industries we are actively involved in.

To achieve our goal we are continuing to develop new Technology enabling us to improve reduce costs, improve companies performance and safety. By anticipating the future needs and developing cutting edge technologies for the markets and industries we are actively involved in SiamOz Industries has been leading the world developing technologies for Medical Treatment, Food Production, Mining and Mineral Exploration and Electronics.

As part of our commitment we have strong affiliations with a number of Internationally recognized Universities and Technology Centers and work closely with them as part of our Innovation process.

Maha Sarakham

SiamOz Industries and Covid 19

SiamOz Industries supports the wearing of Masks, Social Distancing and the need to always Wash Your Hands before touching your face.

SiamOz Industries รองรับการสวมหน้ากากอนามัย การเว้นระยะห่างทางสังคม และความจําเป็นในการล้างมือก่อนสัมผัสใบหน้าเสมอ.