SiamOz Current Career Opportunities

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Online Marketing
  • Online Marketer: Require skilled online marketer (skilled in all aspects of online marketing and social media marketing)
  • Online Trade Show and Conference Marketer: Require skilled online marketer (skilled in all aspects of online marketing and social media marketing)
  • Civil Engineer: Require skilled Civil Engineers.
  • Electrical Engineer: Require skilled high and low voltage Electrical Engineers as well as design and planning Engineers.
  • Geologist: Require multi skilled geologists that has both exploration and mining experience.
  • Hydrogeologist: Require multi skilled hydrogeologists that have both environment risk management, bore installation and groundwater modelling experience.
  • Mining Engineer: Require skilled Mining Engineers willing to develop markets globally.
  • Environmental Engineer: Require skilled Environmental Engineers willing to develop markets globally.
Global Sustainability
Farming and Processing – Thailand and Africa

Learn how to setup and run a sustainable future food (cricket) farm and processing plant.

Hands on training of all aspects of the farming and processing operation.

Teaching – Thailand and Africa

Working with local schools.

Teaching local community members about sustainable farming and processing.

Teach local community members about environmental management.

Our Staff Follow:
Our Purpose & Values

Our purpose is to create value and improve lives and future proof development opportunities through sustainable and responsible planning.


We transform mineral resources into shared value for our stakeholders and lead the industry in shareholder returns, safety, social responsibility and environmental stewardship.


We will be recognized and respected for exceptional economic, environmental and social performance.


We take care of our safety, health and wellness by recognizing, assessing and managing risk, and choosing safer behaviors at work and home to reach our goal of zero harm.


We behave ethically and respect each other and the customs, cultures and laws wherever we operate.


We serve as a catalyst for local economic development through transparent and respectful stakeholder engagement, and as responsible stewards of the environment.


We deliver on our commitments, demonstrate leadership, and have the courage to speak up and challenge the status quo.


We create an inclusive environment where employees have the opportunity to contribute, develop and work together to deliver our strategy, products and services.