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Dear Car Club Members,

We provide Specialized Handcrafted Trimming and repairs for damaged and cracked automotive interior parts including; Dash Tops, Boards Seats, Door and Roof Panels for all vintage, rare and collectable automobiles.

We are world leaders in high quality handcrafted Dash Top and Board repairs and are able to:

  • Repair and recover with “vinyl, leather, buffalo and wood grain” or any other material as per your requirements for all automotive makes and models;
  • We can also fabricate new replacement Dash Top, Board and other hard-to-get interior parts for vintage, rare and collectable vehicles.

We are based in Kalasin province of northeastern Thailand where carry out unsurpassed handcrafted workmanship at a fraction of the cost you would be charged in your home country.

Example Repair:

1986 Series 3 Landrover Civil Vinyl Dash Top Repair


• Removal old sun damaged and cracked vinyl;

• Clean dash top;

• Paint underside metal;

• Repair factory dash top foam;

• Cover dash top with new vinyl (you choose colour) thus matching factory original;

• Final trim/clean; and

• Cut and stich a new custom fitted dash top mat (you choose colour and material).

Timeline: 1 week for repair.

Cost: Estimated Repairs Cost: $300.00 AUD (for the aforementioned repair) (Cost can vary depending on requirements)

Additional Costs Listed Below: (Client or SiamOz Custom Trim can organize)

Shipping: (Return shipping costs to Thailand can vary depending on your location, part size and weight) “Alternatively Come to Thailand, bring your part needing repair with you as your luggage”.

Insurance: We advise all clients insure for the full replacement value of the items being shipped.

Alternatively Come to Thailand for a Holiday

Bring your Dash Top with you as part of your luggage (no shipping cost as such) we can help you get the very best value on hotels etc.  See and meet the real Thailand and its people as well as monitor the progress of your Dash Top or Board repairs.

Contact us for a Quote:

Seldon Mart

SiamOz Industries                                                                               Village No. 15, Tha Khon Yang Sub-district,

Perth, Western Australia, Australia                                        Maha Sarakham, Thailand 44150

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WhatsApp: +61427212794    or +66933505948


“Client Photos”

1986 Series 3 Landrover Dash Top (Sun Damaged and Cracked Factory Vinyl Before)

Cracked Factory Vinyl replaced with New Vinyl

New Custom Dash Mat            

Shipping Fully Encased in Foam

1986 Series 3 Landrover Dash Top (Sun Damaged and Cracked Factory Vinyl After Repair and new Vinyl) “In this case client came to Thailand and checking on repair thus shipping cost was airfare”.