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As we move into the 21 century we have as a race began to realize the massive impact we have had on our planet, and as an issue made more pressing as the global population continues to rise almost exponentially.

It is important to remember that if we learn nothing else from the past, other than human endeavour tends make great strides forward during times of adversity we have learned a lot.

We are once again nearing the edge of the precipice and yet we are striving to make great changes in all aspects of human endeavour just as our ancestors did through the generations from:  


– 800 000. Paleolithic. …
– 9600. Mesolithic. …
– 6000. Neolithic. …
– 2200. Bronze Age. …
– 800. Iron Age. …
– 52. Antiquity. …
500. Middle Ages. …
1500. Early Modern. …
1800. Industrial. …
2000. Late Modern. …
… .To what the 21st century should be referred to as the “Future Proofing Period”.

Both Business and Technology are moving at an unprecedented speed, organisations are being disrupted and displaced by technology that will continue to revolutionize the workplace over the next 50 years and beyond.  With the rapid changes in technology many industries are grappling with ways to better position themselves in the market place and develop strategies to Future Proof their business and industry.  

Global Sustainability

Mineral Resource Sector

Within the mining sector most are looking at ways to maximize benefits from an ever smaller number of viable ore deposits and developing technology to improve returns from once discarded low grade deposits.

SiamOz Industries are aiding in Future Proofing the Mineral Resource Sector for future generations!!! By undertaking the following to Future Proofing the Mineral Resource Sector:

  • Improving the overall performance of ore deposits by providing cutting edge Geological and Mining Design software “20/20 Vision”.
  • Developing the world’s leading Satellite Exploration Technology.
  • “20/20 Vision” Providing miners enhanced environmental modelling capability thus helping to minimize the environmental impacts of mining.
  • Reviewing the concept of mining redundant waste disposal sites for metal and plastics as well as looking at drawing off the trapped gas as a usable byproduct. 

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Other Projects

SiamOz Industries is currently reviewing the concept of mining redundant waste disposal sites for metal and plastics as part of our future proofing projects.  The waste disposal sites will need to be scanned and probed to locate both the waste metal and plastics, as well as looking at drawing off the trapped gas as a usable byproduct.

The other aspect to consider to assist in the Future Proofing of the mining sector is Mine and Mill Performance. By increasing the availability of one’s fleet and improving the milling capability one can look at optimizing the overall process to increase your throughput, to achieve lower energy consumption, better grade in your product and so on.

SiamOz has partner with BluePipe tracking systems to assist mining companies improve their fleet management and increase fleet availability to help optimize the overall mining process.

 Farming Sector (Protein Production)

SiamOz Cricket Farms are Future Proofing Protein Food Production for generations to come!!! SiamOz Cricket Farms, Thailand and African are leading the world in Future Proofing Protein Food Production for generations to come globally. 

As the human population continues to climb the demand for food is pushing the farming sector to breaking point.  We need to look at alternative solutions to what has become the norm that of fertilizers and insecticides to improve crop yields.

At SiamOz industries we are looking at what would be considered one of the earliest sources of protein for human consumption “Cricket Farming” and developing methods to ensure both a better quality product and higher protein yields per hectare.  By increasing the protein yields per hectare and reducing both the overall farming area footprint and the amount of water per kilo of protein we are helping to minimize the environmental impacts of farming.

We currently have farms in Thailand and are in the process of developing farms in Africa.       

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Clean Air Technologies Post Covid 19

SiamOz Industries are currently reviewing and developing Clean Air Technologies for Aircraft to assist in Future Proofing the Air Travel Industry post Covid 19 using UV-C!!! 

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