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SiamOz Future Foods is Future Proofing Protein Food Production for generations to come!!!

SiamOz Industries Thailand and African Cricket Farming Operations are leading the world in Future Proofing Protein Food Production for generations to come globally.

………..Help Us Help Feed the World!!!

“Most humanitarian efforts are aimed at urgent disaster relief and are short term. Our projects are designed to address the long term needs of those in need in Asia and Africa by providing:
* Employment (Farm/Processing setup and Development); * Training (Educational Support); and
* Sustainable supply of high quality low cost protein…..Thus bridging the gap and giving meaning to peoples life’s in those areas” Seldon Mart – SiamOz Industries

SiamOz Industries is rightfully proud that it is leading the world in developing new and innovative methods to farm and process cricket flour and edible insect (EI) food products.  In cooperation with both the Faculty of Agriculture, Khon Kaen University (world renowned center for EI studies) and the Faculty of Technology, Mahasarakham University (MSU) SiamOz Industries is developing new process and strategies that will change the global human food chain, providing those in the world’s poorest communities the opportunity to obtain and produce a high quality, environmentally sustainable protein food source.  Thailand has been traditionally farming crickets for hundreds of years and is described as the home of cricket farming and is the world’s largest producer of edible insect (EI) food products.  In Thailand there are approximately 20,000 families rearing six-legged livestock in the backyard providing tons of the most sustainable animal protein you can find on earth. SiamOz Industries not only farms crickets put produces and exports edible insect (EI) food products as well as training and assisting cricket farmers to meet the Thailand governments’ new GAP requirements. SiamOz Industries is setting the standard for GAP, HACCP and environmental risk management practices and is a model cricket farm and processing operation.

Thailand’s National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards (ACFS) has released the first ever Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) guidelines on cricket farming. The Ministry of Agriculture intends to apply these standards to 20,000 cricket farmers in Thailand, and one insect-based food producer believes it could set an international precedent.” “The ACFS could appeal to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) to have the GAP recognised as the global standard for improving the development and safe practice of cricket farming and the edible insect market as a whole. The FAO has encouraged more people to consume crickets as a viable protein source, predicting a world food shortage after estimations that the global population will reach nine billion by 2050.”

Currently crickets are sold fried, canned, frozen, or in powder form with the powder being used:  To make processed foods, such as cookies or pasta as well as being added as a garnish supplement to salads and main course meals.

SiamOz Industries is at the forefront of the Edible Insect “EI” Movement

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Edible insects (EI) and their food products made in Thailand are far better priced than those produced in the US, Canada and the Netherlands.  This benefits all the EI industry, as products become available at a reasonable price for new markets.  SiamOz Industries is currently developing the African market as well as setting up a farm and processing plant making it one of the world’s largest cricket farmers and producers of Edible insects (EI) products.

As in Thailand, SiamOz Industries will ensure the new operations in Africa meet the highest GAP, HACCP and environmental risk management practices setting the standards in cricket farming and processing.

Nutrition, Health & Well Being, Recipes

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10 Good Reasons to Consider SiamOz Industries Crickets as Your Source of Protein

  1. Protein: (The average person requires 50 grams of protein a day, our cricket powder contains approximately twice as much protein per kilo compared to beef).
  2. Iron: (Iron is present in all cells in the human body yet Iron deficiency is a common nutritional problem).
  3. Vitamin B12: (Cricket powder contains approximately 30 times more B12 than beef and plays a key role in the function of the human body and in the formation of blood.
  4. Calcium: (Cricket powder contains approximately 1,100 mcg/ 100grams).
  5. Essential Amino Acids: (Must come from our food, cricket powder contains approximately twice the amount of essential amino acids per kilo compared to beef).
  6. Omega: (Cricket powder contains the Ideal Omega 6:3 ratio of 3: 1, to that of beef at 20:1).
  7. Healthy fats.
  8. Dietary fibre; and is
  9. Low in Calories; and
  10. Gluten-free: You are what you eat and ours crickets are feed gluten-free organic feed.

SiamOz Industries edible insect (EI) food products can be used in a diverse range of recipes, replacing other more conventional protein sources or as a protein supplement or spice or handy snack on their own. The list is endless and includes; Bread, Soups, Salads, Dressings, Main Course Meals, Desserts, Ice creams, Cookies, Cakes and Chocolate but to name a few. “Indulge Yourself and Use any Recipe”.!!!


Please select from our product range list below:

  • Raw Crickets…90 Thai Baht per Kilo ($2.85 USD)
  • Dry Roasted Crickets…1000 Thai Baht per Kilo ($32 USD)
  • Cricket Powder (Powdered Cricket)…1400 Thai Baht per Kilo ($45 USD)
  • Cricket Flower (Cricket Powder and Baking Flour)…600 Thai Baht per Kilo ($18 USD)
  • Cricket Eggs…1200 Thai Baht per Kilo ($38 USD)
  • Raw Grasshoppers…110 Thai Baht per Kilo ($3.50 USD)
  • Dry Roasted Grasshoppers…1200 Thai Baht per Kilo ($38 USD)
  • Grasshopper Powder…1600 Thai Baht per Kilo ($49 USD)
  • Grasshopper Flower…700 Thai Baht per Kilo ($22 USD)
  • Grasshopper Eggs…1400 Thai Baht per Kilo ($44 USD)
  • Cricket and/or Grasshopper Frass…3 Thai Baht per Kilo ($10 USD) or Packaged 65 Thai Baht ($2 USD)
  • SiamOzPolo t shirt T-Shirt “Help us Feed the World.!!! Please” SiamOz Crickets Feed the World…  500 Thai Baht per Kilo ($15 USD)

Membership Discount Shares…1600 Thai Baht per Kilo ($50 USD) per year Discount – 15% per purchase!!!

Note: Prices listed do not included shipping and import tax duty/charges to destination country.

Special Offers Currently Available via Our Crowd Funding Page to be Released in September 2019.

Wholesale and Resale Agents.

Please contact SiamOz Industries regarding wholesale pricing and resale agreements.

Contact Us

SiamOz Future Foods

Thailand – Sutthada Ruksanam “Sue”

115, Village No. 15, Tha Khon Yang Sub-district, Kantharawichai District, Maha Sarakham Province, Thailand 44150 Ph: +6693505948 Email:

Australia – Seldon Mart

9 – 40 Victoria Street, Midland, Western Australia, Australia 6056 Ph: +61427212794 or Whatsapp +61427212794 Email: or Skype: seldon.ims

Training & Tours

SiamOz Industries provides farm tours and training workshops for those interested in setting up their own edible insect (EI) food farm and processing operation. Our training is world leading covering world’s best practices in edible insect (EI) food farm and processing. “We can arrange reasonably priced accommodation upon request.”

Training Includes

Insect Farming (Crickets), Farm setup (Crickets), Processing and Packaging (Edible Crickets.

SiamOz Helps Feed and Educate Those in Need


Please Contact: Seldon Mart at SiamOz Industries in Australia.

Ph: +61427212794 or whatsapp +61427212794

Email: orSkype: seldon.ims  


1: What is SiamOz Industries aim? A1: To develop a globally sustainable supply of high quality protein for now and future generations.

2: What is the estimated to bring the Africa operations online?
A2: We will have Africa fully operation in 12 months as long as we obtain our funding targets.

3: What are the benefits to the local community where the farms and processing plants are setup?
A3a: The projects will provide employment and training to the people of the region as well as the opportunity for other to follow suit and setup similar farms.
A3b: We also support local schools within the region of our operations as well as those schools most in need in Africa.

Our intent is to ensure that the less fortunate are given the chance to obtain both an education (Thailand and Africa) and as well as a sustainable high quality protein food supply.

“Most humanitarian efforts are aimed at urgent disaster relief and are short term. Our projects are designed to address the long term needs of those in need in Asia and Africa by providing:
* Employment (Farm/Processing setup and Development); * Training (Educational Support); and
* Sustainable supply of high quality low cost protein…..Thus bridging the gap and giving meaning to peoples life’s in those areas” Seldon Mart, SiamOz Industries

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