SiamOz Precious Metals

SiamOz Precious Metals Acts as a Global Transfer Agent


  • Gold Mining Companies ;
  • Silver Mining Companies;
  • And Other Precious Metal Companies; and
  • Base Metal Mining Houses.

Please contact SiamOz Precious Metals regarding your global metal transfer requirements.

Contact Us

SiamOz Precious Metals

Thailand – Sutthada Ruksanam “Sue”

115, Village No. 15, Tha Khon Yang Sub-district, Kantharawichai District, Maha Sarakham Province, Thailand 44150 Ph: +6693505948 Email:

Australia – Seldon Mart

9 – 40 Victoria Street, Midland, Western Australia, Australia 6056 Ph: +61427212794 or Whatsapp +61427212794 Email: or Skype: seldon.ims

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